After Gynecomastia Surgery


  • Elastic Bandaging- Immediately after surgery you will be shifted with elastic bandage on chest.
  • Compression Garment- Post surgery, before discharge your customized compression garment will be worn.
  • Immediate appreciation of results
  • Have light food in evening, can resume normal diet the next day
  • Medicines – Oral antibiotics for five days, usually painkillers are not needed as most of the patients don’t complain of much pain
  • No smoking, No alcohol, No lifting heavy weights
  • Overhead hand movements might be difficult initially


  • Can resume desk job
  • Avoid exercise
  • Avoid over exertion
  • Can take bath, avoid rubbing on incision site
  • In Grade 4 surgery where free nipple areola grafting has been done, avoid any kind of water on dressed area, just dap with water - soaked cloth on surrounding chest
  • Apply antibiotic ointment on stitched area
  • Resume normal diet
  • Chest might feel bit heavy, can take a painkiller


  • Can resume normal job/activity
  • Avoid driving
  • Avoid heavy exercise
  • Avoid heavy exertion

Day 4-7

  • Stop antibiotics as prescribed
  • No need of painkillers
  • Stitches if non dissolvable ones can be removed on day 7
  • Keep on wearing compression garment 24*7
  • Start chest lymphatic massage as taught on your visit to us
  • Can resume normal walk, slight exercise not heavy

Day 7-14

  • Resume normal activities completely
  • Continue lymphatic massage
  • Usually no pain is there, you can contact your plastic surgeon if needed
  • Slight swelling will be there

Day 14-21

  • Can resume normal activities completely
  • Exercise can be started but avoid heavy exercises
  • Can take slight amount of alcohol if need be
  • Avoid smoking

At the end of one month

  • Swelling is reduced by up to 90%
  • Can start exercise
  • Keep on wearing compression garment for at least 18 hours a day for next 4 weeks
  • Can travel easily around the world