Before Gynecomastia Surgery

Things to avoid

  • Smoking – Stop at least two weeks before surgery as nicotine can delay healing
  • Blood thinners – Stop taking aspirin or similar blood thinning products should be for two weeks either side of gynecomastia surgery. It may increasing bleeding tendency.
  • Medications- ibuprofen, Diclofenac should be taken in consultation
  • Supplements- Dietary supplements with fish oil, Vitamin E, Green tea and herbal medicines should be discontinued 5 days before surgery.
  • Alcohol- Avoid at least one week before surgery.

Things to do

  • Blood investigations- Complete blood count, Viral Markers, Coagulation profile ,RBS , Chest Xray, ECG
  • Covid RT PCR- Two days before surgery
  • Compression garment – Customised and worn immediately after surgery
  • Pack your bag- Loose clothes, surgery paperwork, reading glasses, identity card
  • Jewelry- Do not bring any jewelry or valuables on the day of surgery
  • Nil per oral- 6 hours before surgery don’t have water or food if in general anaesthesia and 2hours in case of local anaesthesia
  • Lotion- Don’t apply any cream or lotion before surgery on chest region
  • Arrival- To reach two hours before surgery
  • Payment- Booking amount is needed to book the surgery. Also before the surgery schedule your payment as all major credit or debit cards are accepted.
  • Transportation- Please arrange for someone to drive you in and take you home after surgery
  • Care- An attendant might be required to take care of you on first night