What is Grade-4 Gynecomastia?

Grade 4 Gynecomastia or Skin Excess of Breast in Men, is the most severe form of gynecomastia. In grade 4 gynecomastia, the skin is very loose and saggy.

Firm tissue on the inner sides of the chest and between the breasts may be removed to correct an imbalance in chest contour. The surgeon may also need to remove a portion of breast tissue and skin.

In grade 4 gynecomastia, man boobs are generally caused by an unusually high level of estrogen in the body or low levels of testosterone. This is the most severe stage of gynecomastia condition in a male. This stage is defined as having a significant breast enlargement with a large amount of excess skin.

It begins with hormonal changes, usually in adolescents. This can be caused by genetics, some types of medication, or stress. A tumor near the hormone-producing glands can also cause gynecomastia.

What Symptoms Grade-4 Gynecomastia?

  • Enlarged breasts like feminine
  • Swelling of one or both breasts
  • Men may have breast pain as well

Grade 4 gynecomastia:

  • Breast tissue: Extends into the axilla (armpit area)
  • Nipple position: 2 - 5 cm below the chest fold
  • Chest fold shape: Significant skin excess - creates a small breast roll
  • Most common demographic: 40 - 60 years old, aging male or young obese male in 20s-30s

Grade 4 gynecomastia Treatment

Treatment options depend on the degree of gynecomastia and can include female like breast reduction techniques or Mastectomy that is complete removal of breast like tissue with free nipple grafting. Free nipple graft involves taking the nipple from original position and placing on position where it suits most on chest.

The general anesthesia is administered in order to completely put the patient into a deep sleep so they can't feel any pain.

It's recommended that you have this surgery done by a plastic surgeon as they are well-trained and skilled in performing it efficiently, safely and comfortably.

Grade 4 gynecomastia cost in India

The cost of surgery for gynecomastia can vary depending on the type of procedure, the doctor performing the surgery, and whether or not there are complications.

Gynecomastia is the development of abnormally large breasts in males. Grade 4 Gynecomastia cost in India can be anywhere between $2500 - $3500

Patient Details - Grade 4 Gynecomastia, 37 year old male, 3 months Post OP

Patient Details - Grade 4 Gynecomastia, 36 year old male, 3 months Post OP

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